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Pricing & Services



Cynthia offers hourly ($450/hour) or flat rate plans so that you know the maximum you will pay. Depending on your financial circumstances, sliding scale plans may be available.  



During the Free Consultation Cynthia will:


  • Discuss your concerns about your child’s progress in school, and review your child’s evaluations, progress reports and other school documents.  

  • Explain the process of pursuing funding for the services your child needs.  

  • Tell you what she believes you can expect with your child’s case.

  • Explain the legal fees for the services to you.


As your Special Education Attorney Cynthia can:

  • Help you prepare for an IEP meeting.

  • Develop a strategy to pursue funding for tuition reimbursement.

  • Prepare legal notices and complaint.

  • Manage your litigation.

  • Pursue settlement.

  • Submit documents for funding.

  • Prepare you for your child’s IEP meeting.

  • Litigate your case at hearing.

Let's talk. Schedule your free consultation.

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