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Meet Cynthia

Her Experience 

Cynthia is a special education attorney who has successfully settled hundreds of cases filed on behalf of parents against the New York City Department of Education securing settlements for private school tuition, private evaluations, tutoring services and related services. She has successfully litigated cases achieving decisions for private school tuition, private evaluations, remedial reading services from Lindamood Bell, and ABA services.


Her Approach


Cynthia knows that each case is as unique as the child. Cynthia develops an individualized litigation strategy for each family that is tailored to achieve the desired outcome. 


Cynthia also understands that seeking funding for private school tuition can be an overwhelming and stressful process. As your attorney, Cynthia will be personally available to answer your questions during the litigation process so that you know what to expect. Cynthia believes that the process is less stressful when parents understand how the process works. At the outset, parents are provided a clear explanation of the litigation process so they will know what to expect. 



Cynthia’s career as a litigation attorney started in Los Angeles, California. She and her family moved to (Park Slope) Brooklyn, New York seven years ago. Cynthia has three wonderful kids who each have their own unique learning styles. She understands that finding a school that is the right fit for your child makes all the difference in their ability to thrive in school. 

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