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Find the best fit for your family.

Cynthia is a solution-oriented

attorney dedicated to fighting for

the special education services 

children require.

FREE Consultation. 

(718) 306-9694 |

Does your child need more support in school?

Now is the time to take action.

Let's make a plan.

  • Prepare for your child's IEP meeting.

  • Pursue tuition reimbursement for a private special education school

  • Obtain funding for a private neuropsychological evaluation



You get in touch

We'll start with a conversation. Either email Cynthia or call (718) 306-9694.


Send educational records

Before we meet, you'll send your child’s evaluations, IEPs, and progress reports so that I can start to understand your child’s needs.


Formulate the strategy

We'll thoroughly discuss your child’s educational history, evaluations, IEP meetings. and then discuss the litigation strategy. 

Looking for more information?​


Make it official.

Sign the engagement agreement and pay the retainer.


Execute the plan.

I will file the Due Process Complaint and pursue the

support your child needs.

Let's talk. Schedule your free consultation.

Here's an overview of how to get started.

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